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Happy Valentinaversary, Carol! I Made You A Mix-Tape!

This is my goofy goober!

This is my goofy goober with her second (?) love!

I got the wifey (pictured left) some stuff for our Valentinaversary, but I wanted to put this up, as well. I call it that because our anniversary is the day before Valentine’s Day. We are redefining gender boundaries with our marriage, as I tend to be more sentimental and mushy than she is, so I thought I would include a few key songs from our past with a little blurb about each one to let readers know why these songs are significant to us and to let Carol know why they are still significant to me. Just so you don’t feel bombarded, this blog post will include many feels and at least one of the stories will probably make many people feel awkward, just by reading it. You’re more than welcome to stop reading, at any point.

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