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Free Comic Book Day Celebration with Nerd Titan

This Saturday is a super eventful day, because it is Free Comic Book Day and also Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you). Due to this rare alignment of Nerdly Venn Diagrams, the people at Nerd Titan are celebrating by posting our asses up at Borderlands Games (Salem, Or) to give away some cool nerd swag and to play table top games! The event starts at 11 AM and finishes up pretty late, so show up, read some comics, talk with us Nerd Titan folk and play some games with us! I have to work that day and won’t be able to get up there until ~4:30 or 5:00 PM, and I’m planning on doing some game demos while I’m there. Zac (a.k.a papa Titan) and I are talking with Borderlands about getting some weekly gaming tourneys started and this is going to be where we finalize a lot of those details. I’m also told that Bentley and King Richard will be recording an episode of their podcast on site and I will surely be popping in on that at some point!

All the details are documented on the Facebook Event page, so go confirm your planned attendance and post what games you would like to play with us! I will be bringing a bunch of games and plan to demo a couple of my favs (i.e. Ruse, Ascension, Munchkin, We Didn’t Playtest This, etc.) and talking gaming and game development. I am proud to be a part of a small commune of game developers in my area and I’m hoping some of them will also be attending. You might get a chance to play some games still in playtest mode or see some workshopping in action!


“Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer” Review, Tutorial and Strategy Tips


Ascension is, for my money, the best deck building game on the market. I know the Dominion crowd won’t appreciate that statement, but Ascension is a better two player experience than Dominion. I like the Ascension system simply because of limitation of the “Supply” and the (virtually) unlimited amount of basic purchases and Monsters to defeat. There’s also some variety as it applies to strategy. I love that Ascension is available for mobile devices, as well. What card gamer doesn’t like the chance to strategize behind their opponents’ backs? This article is a little tl;dr for some, so if you’re just looking for the app link and not interested in the rest, here ya’ go.

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Nerd in the Country: In Which My Entire Life Revolves Around Gaming

WelcomeToAlbanyRegular readers here know of my affinity for table top games. I started with the basics, Uno, Skip-Bo, Monopoly and Yahtzee, when I was a kid. I got a Nintendo when I was 9 or so, and that is when video games became a thing. As I grew up, my gaming did as well. I started playing Magic: The Gathering in high school and my wife (whom I started dating in high school; Mushy, I know) got me into Rummy and Hearts. Around that time I started playing more video games because I had a job and could afford my own consoles and such. Video games took over my gaming for several years, but I wanted to start having friends over to game. However, when you invite friends over to play Portal 2, most of them think you’re a show off. So I started exploring table top games again because of a gamecon that my local comic store was putting on. Little did I know that table top games were going to become a huge part of everything I do know.

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Card Game Review: Ruse


Click Here to Watch the Video on Mobile Devices

The above video is a short intro about the backstory of the game.

Backstory: I attended a gamecon in September in which most of my gaming group also attended. I was in a Magic: the Gathering for a couple of hours, and my gaming group spent some time running around the con checking out new games, as one should do at a game con. They met this couple that were demoing a game that they were creating themselves and played a card game called “Ruse” with them. Later, I got out of the Magic tourney (it wasn’t going well; so I dropped) and was talking to my group who were RAVING about this steampunk whodunnit that they had played, Ruse,  and insisted that I play it. Well, we started playing a different game, more distractions happened and I ended up not playing Ruse. One of my group friended the developers on Facebook and they happened to be from the same small town as us! What are the chances! My group went over to the developers’ house for a game night and I finally played Ruse.

Currently: Ruse was developed by Levi Mote and Sarah Sharp of Bonsai Games (Infinite Power, Kaiju City) and the premise, if you didn’t watch the above video, is that each player is a character in the steampunk city of St. Sabastian. Amid all the steam, pulleys and gears, there has been a murder and the characters are all suspects!

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Backed on Kickstarter: Ruse

I spoke about a card game that I really enjoyed called “Ruse” a little while ago. Above is the video that Game Salute has posted on their Vimeo page to promote the game. I have a new announcement about the game, it’s now on Kickstarter! This is a blast of a game and I’m really looking forward to seeing it fund! Please support indie table top game developers and back this project! The game is in my top 5 favorite table top games along with Ticket To Ride, Munchkin, Magic: The Gathering & Zombie Dice. Friends of mine that know how seriously I take gaming will know what putting this game up there with those is really QUITE a testament to how great it is! Watch the video above and contribute to this campaign by clicking the link below. I kicked in $25, so can you!

Ruse on Kickstarter

Review – Zombie Dice iOS App

Zombie Dice App Loading Screen [Screen Grab from my iPhone]

You may have gathered from my review of  Zombie Dice 2: The Double Feature here on CoinOpKids a couple of months ago that I am a big fan of the Zombie Dice franchise from (also the creators of the “Munchkin” franchise) Stephen Jackson Games. By “may have gathered,” of course I mean “should have gathered”.

I love it when developers take one of my favorite table top games and turn it into an amazing app! Trust me… there are developers that have tried to make the transition and gotten WRONG (Dominion Card Game comes to mind), so it is refreshing to see it done right!

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