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Bentley Michaels’ Performance Titan Podcast


I was recently asked by Bentley Michaels, the Performance Titan over at, if I would be willing to be a guest on his podcast! I agreed and we recorded last week. He shot me a txt last night, informing me that the podcast was up, so here you go! I had a BLAST talking with Bentley about how I kinda sound like Seth Rogen, my roles as the Table-Top Titan and Science Correspondant at and I got on my high-horse and ranted about NASA being defunded. It was a LOT of fun and I have been invited to guest on the show again, in a couple of weeks, along side the VERY funny King Richard, the Comedy Titan over at! I am GREATLY looking forward to that podcast! You can give the Bentley Michaels Performance Titan podcast a listen over on and you can subscribe to it over on iTunes.

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Podiodrama Review: “Crush Depth” by Jeff Lane

Official cover art for Jeff Lane’s podiodrama, “Crush Depth” [Click to Enlarginate]

Second Trailer for Jeff Lane’s “Crush Depth”

*WARNING* This review may include spoilers from the first two chapters/episodes of “Crush Depth”.

Preface: When I embedded the audio, my blog has it playing a little choppy, for some reason. I point that out because I don’t want you to think its a problem with the audio file itself, just with my blog for streaming. Sorry about that, but I can’t seem to do anything about it. :/ #TechWorldProblems

Jeff Lane is a sci-fi writer who has published two e-books in the past that he has released with companion podiobooks. He is, originally from Maine, but now lives in Connecticut Vermont (My Bad) with his wife and children. He is a regular contributor to StarShipSofa, a sci-fi literary podcast. I’ve been a fan (and friend) of Jeff’s since his first release, “This Paper World”, which I will briefly mention again at the end of this post. He has just released his newest short story, “Crush Depth”, and decided to make it a podiodrama, which is a word I made up on my way home from work the other night. #ImAGoodWordMakerUpper Jeff was kind enough to send me the full story (rather than waiting for a new episode to post every week) so I could write this review!

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Nerd in the Country: In Which I Meet Chris Hardwick and Make Everyone with Eyes Feel Awkward

In my last Nerd in the Country post, I teased the fact that I was going to tell you the story of when I met Matt Mira, Jonah Ray and Chris Hardwick. Needless to say, anyone that saw the interaction immediately wanted to throw themselves into an oncoming horde of zombies (there was a zombie themed pub crawl that day) including my wife and myself, after the fact. Last October, the Nerdist Podcast popped into Portland to do a live show. If you’re a Nerdist fan, it was the episode in which a guy asked his lady to marry him at the end of the show, and she said yes! That guy was my buddy, Mike! I have a video of the whole thing and you can watch it below.

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Stephen King Fancast: Eyes of the Dragon with Shaun Collins

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Check in to the Stephen King Fancast on GetGlue!

On this episode of the Stephen King Fancast, Shawn Collins and I discuss “Eyes of the Dragon.” Shaun is one of the hosts of a Doctor Who Podcast that I am a big fan of called Travelling the Vortex.

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Stephen King Fancast: Willa feat. Christopher Birk

Check-In on GetGlue

The podcast is back! It’s been a long time coming since Mevio shut this podcast down (read more about that here) but it’s finally back! I am still bitter about the shutdown, however, so feel free to Tweet your hate to them on my behalf. >:)

On this episode, I am joined by  the Director of  the “Willa” adaptation, Christopher Birk. We discuss the “Willa” short story from “Just After Sunset,” and the making of Chris’ film adaptation of “Willa.” Should you be interested in finding out more info on the film, you can watch the trailer below and visit the Official Website, at Alphatree Productions.


Facebook is Now Making Business Pages Pay-to-Post

This is a screen grab from Facebook. I am an admin of this page, and Facebook wants businesses to now pay for the people who have already “Liked” that page to get updates in their news feeds. This new update has not yet been implemented across the board, but it is going to be. There is a bunch of more info on this topic over on AlwaysUpward, who have gone through the motions to figure out a work around. You can read that series of 2 articles by clicking here if you want to make sure you continue receiving updates via Facebook. It is a pretty convoluted series of steps, and it may be easier to set up a Twitter. Your call.

That being the case, I want to take a minute to let you know that the Facebook pages for my various sites (Alloy Productions, Stephen King Fansite and MetalsPeak) will still be in existence, but I am going to use it a lot less. I will send the posts to Facebook still, but only about 10% of you will see the posts in your news feeds. If you want to see all of the posts that go up on these blogs, then I suggest you subscribe to the RSS feed or sign up for an account with Google+ or Twitter. Twitter is my preferred method of social networking, and probably the most accessible, so that is what I suggest. Links to our other social sites can be found at the bottom of this blog post, for each site. You can also subscribe to this blog or hit me up on Twitter or Google+ to see all of those posts as well. Those links are at the top of the sidebar on the page you are currently on.

Understand that Facebook is backing all of its “Page” users into a corner with this move and it is out of our hands.  I apologize for any inconvenience, but if I wanted to pay Facebook for people to see my posts, I would run an ad. As I said before, this new functionality has not yet been implemented on all pages, so I’m trying to make you aware of it before I have to start paying to make sure you see it.

Thanks for your attention to this matter,

Matt Jacobs

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