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I’m Playing in Albany, Oregon on #TableTopDay!

Flyer for the Albany, OR #TableTopDay Mini-Con! Yes, you may print these out and plaster them all over your school/work. [Click to Enlargify]

Flyer for the Albany, OR #TableTopDay Mini-Con! Yes, you may print these out and plaster them all over your school/work. [Click to Enlargify]

My good friends from Bonsai Games (Ruse, Infinite Power) & Elderhaven Games (Dig Site) and I have been planning a local event for #TableTopDay! Sarah and Levi of Bonsai Games put in MAD WORK on this getting several game publishers to send us stuff to demo and giveaway at the con!

I will be bringing my game library and will be doing demos of many of them through out the day. This is my official invite to you to come out and play some games with your fellow nerds! The event is free (with encouraged donations going to the Boys and Girls Club of Albany) and will be a blast! Here’s the list of games that I will be bringing…

  • Ascension
  • Castle Panic
  • Dominion
  • Elder Sign
  • Infinite Power (ECG)
  • It’s Alive!
  • Kittens in a Blender
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Munchkin (+ Unnatural Axe & The Guild Expansions)
  • Star Munchkin
  • Pandemic
  • Ruse
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Small World (+ Two Expansions)
  • Ticket to Ride (+ India & Switzerland Expansions)
  • We Didn’t Playtest This
  • Zombie Dice (+ Double Feature Expansion)

I will be printing out several QR codes for some of the games that have either mobile versions (Ascension, Elder Sign, Small World, Ticket to Ride and Zombie Dice) or have mobile accessories (Munchkin) like a level counter. You will be able to scan these QR codes with your iDevice (not sure if they have Android options) and download the app on the spot!

I am encouraging all comers to take pictures and/or videos while at the event and Tweet them to me for a post that I will be doing on Nerd Titan, and my YouTube channel! Should you be interested in Tweeting pics/vids to me to include in my video, you can Tweet them to @alloymatt using the hashtag #TableTopDay

You can find all the details about the event by clicking over to our event pages on either Facebook or Google+ and can find more info about what #TableTopDay is by watching the videos from Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton at the bottom of this post or by visiting the Table Top Day website where you can find similar events going on in your part of the world, should you not be local to the Oregon area.

Question time! What game(s) would you like to play/are you planning to bring with you on #TableTopDay? Tweet your responses to this question with (or just copy and paste) the following:

I’m playing [insert game name here; or just delete this part] with @BonsaiGames, @ElderhavenGames and @alloymatt on #TableTopDay! Join us!

Make sure you include the link at the end of the Tweet (to this article) so other people that you know that may be interested in also attending will know where to get the info on the event! You can also just grab the link and start posting it to all the other internets (Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, etc…) should you so desire.

#TableTopDay in Albany, Oregon:  Facebook Event Page | Google+ Event Page

Official Table Top Day Site

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Nerd in the Country: In Which My Entire Life Revolves Around Gaming

WelcomeToAlbanyRegular readers here know of my affinity for table top games. I started with the basics, Uno, Skip-Bo, Monopoly and Yahtzee, when I was a kid. I got a Nintendo when I was 9 or so, and that is when video games became a thing. As I grew up, my gaming did as well. I started playing Magic: The Gathering in high school and my wife (whom I started dating in high school; Mushy, I know) got me into Rummy and Hearts. Around that time I started playing more video games because I had a job and could afford my own consoles and such. Video games took over my gaming for several years, but I wanted to start having friends over to game. However, when you invite friends over to play Portal 2, most of them think you’re a show off. So I started exploring table top games again because of a gamecon that my local comic store was putting on. Little did I know that table top games were going to become a huge part of everything I do know.

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Geek and Sundry Meme Feature

Geek and Sundry has actually featured the above meme (one of my own creation… BTW) on the “Board Game Lovin'” Pinterest Board! Click here to check it out!

Hottest Ladies in Nerdom

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Review: Ticket to Ride iPad App

“Ticket to Ride” by Days of Wonder

Ticket to ride is published by the same company that publishes Small World, so I’m not that surprised by the fact that they released an iPad app for this game as well.  I have played both the table top version of the game (construct consists of a game board, miniatures and cards) and the iPad version of the game and wanted to write a review for the app like I did for the Small World app a couple of weeks ago.  Ticket to Ride also gives you the option to play online from your Mac or to download the game from Steam.

I am really impressed with this app! Far more impressed than I was with the Small World app! Luckily, that review has already gone out. 🙂 In fact, this app is so good, it kinda makes the Small World app look… well, to be blunt, shitty. The Small World App was very limited, but still enjoyable to noobs. Ticket to Ride is the full experience of the board game, minus the pesky counting and setup and it’s FAR cheaper than the table top version. On Amazon, the table top version of the game is going for around $37, whereas the app was only $5 or $6.

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Review: Smallworld App for iPad


Should you not be familiar with Small World, as a table top game, I would like to refer you to the included episode of Wil Wheaton’s “Table Top” show on the Geek & Sundry Network at the end of this article. However, if you don’t want to get into all that, here’s a basic rundown of the game.

In Small World, players vie for conquest and control of a world that is simply too small to accommodate them all. You choose your race (each having a distinct advantage that other races don’t) that you wish to try to populate this small world with. Each race comes with a randomized special ability giving them extra bonuses toward conquering. It is also important to know when to push a fading race into decline and ride another one into victory. There is a more detailed description with images included on the Days of Wonder site, which is the company that produces and distributes the game.

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