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Free Comic Book Day Celebration with Nerd Titan

This Saturday is a super eventful day, because it is Free Comic Book Day and also Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you). Due to this rare alignment of Nerdly Venn Diagrams, the people at Nerd Titan are celebrating by posting our asses up at Borderlands Games (Salem, Or) to give away some cool nerd swag and to play table top games! The event starts at 11 AM and finishes up pretty late, so show up, read some comics, talk with us Nerd Titan folk and play some games with us! I have to work that day and won’t be able to get up there until ~4:30 or 5:00 PM, and I’m planning on doing some game demos while I’m there. Zac (a.k.a papa Titan) and I are talking with Borderlands about getting some weekly gaming tourneys started and this is going to be where we finalize a lot of those details. I’m also told that Bentley and King Richard will be recording an episode of their podcast on site and I will surely be popping in on that at some point!

All the details are documented on the Facebook Event page, so go confirm your planned attendance and post what games you would like to play with us! I will be bringing a bunch of games and plan to demo a couple of my favs (i.e. Ruse, Ascension, Munchkin, We Didn’t Playtest This, etc.) and talking gaming and game development. I am proud to be a part of a small commune of game developers in my area and I’m hoping some of them will also be attending. You might get a chance to play some games still in playtest mode or see some workshopping in action!


Video – #MyNerdography: June 25, 2012


April 18, 2012: Comic Book Day

I went out to Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics, Cards and Collectibles (shortened MCCC) in Corvallis, OR yesterday for a couple of reasons:

  1. Get new comics
  2. Preparing for “Just A Game Con 2012

Dominion: Seaside

I’m going to talk about my game purchase first, because that is a pretty short and sweet tale. Last week, while I was at MCCC, I was looking for “Smallworld,” but they didn’t seem to have a set. I did see “Dominion” there, however, and as a “Magic: The Gathering” player, had heard of “Dominion” before. So I picked up the “Dominion” core set. The wife and I played around with it a bit and really liked it, so I picked up the “Dominion: Seaside” expansion while I was at MCCC yesterday. We haven’t had a chance to play through any of it yet, and probably won’t before “Just A Game Con” this weekend. I did take a few minutes to flip through the cards and see what they do, and I hope wifey likes it as much as I think I’m going to.

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