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Happy Valentinaversary, Carol! I Made You A Mix-Tape!

This is my goofy goober!

This is my goofy goober with her second (?) love!

I got the wifey (pictured left) some stuff for our Valentinaversary, but I wanted to put this up, as well. I call it that because our anniversary is the day before Valentine’s Day. We are redefining gender boundaries with our marriage, as I tend to be more sentimental and mushy than she is, so I thought I would include a few key songs from our past with a little blurb about each one to let readers know why these songs are significant to us and to let Carol know why they are still significant to me. Just so you don’t feel bombarded, this blog post will include many feels and at least one of the stories will probably make many people feel awkward, just by reading it. You’re more than welcome to stop reading, at any point.

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Doctor Who Fan Night


Video Taken from BBC America’s YouTube

A friend of mine was turned on to Doctor Who via my Tweeting about the show on a constant basis. The other night, I was on Twitter and she was Tweeting about an episode of Doctor Who that she was watching. She was watching “The End of Time, Pt. 2” and for those of you that are Doctor Who fans, you should know what that means.  For those of you that are not Doctor Who fans… I’m not going to say anything about it, but get on that. #SPOILERS That friend, Holly, turned her friend/roommate, Josh, onto the show and now they are both Wholigans!

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Well, the above video is the trailer for the next season of Doctor Who which is scheduled to start some time in August on BBC and BBC America. That being the case, it was the plan of my wife and I to start re-watching Doctor Who from series 5 and, hopefully, finish up in time for the start of series 7! So we have invited our friends, Holly and Josh, over to start series 5 with us, since they just finished watching series 4. We will probably be playing some Magics (which is my terminology for Magic: the Gathering), as well. Also coming out in August, the Doctor Who Card Game, by Cubicle 7 games! I’m sure that game will be incorporated into Doctor Who Fan Nights in the future, assuming they become a thing.

I am writing about it because I am SUPER STOKED to have nerds to be nerdy with! People that will come over and play games with me and watch Doctor Who with me! Hoping that we can continue this as a weekly ritual once the new series of Doctor Who starts! Is there a way I can inject any more awesome into this blog post? Yes, I can! Holly is a foodie and runs a recipe blog called Bad to the Scone. She plans to make amazing snacks for Doctor Who Fan Night! OMG! Holly actually just Tweeted about how stoked she is for tonight’s Doctor Who Fan Night along with an amazing sounding recipe for a snack that she plans to bring along! #IHaveFoundNerdvana

Stay tuned here or follow me on Twitter for more nerdly adventure reports of Doctor Who Fan Night and/or Gaming Nights, and follow Holly’s blog, Bad to the Scone, on Twitter for food that she may be making for our little get togethers!

Wanna tell me about your nerd nights? Leave your stories in the comments or Tweet them to me with the hashtag #NerdNite!

Trying to Convince My Wife….

The lovely wifey, @titsmcgeek82 (a.k.a. Carol)

Just for the record, @titsmcgeek82 is my wife’s Twitter handle. If you read the above embedded Tweet o’ mine, the background to this blog post is told there. I do have a bit more back story, however.

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