This is me! Help a not quite starving blogger and show some support!

This is where I pander, beg and plea that you will show some love for my site. If you enjoy the content that I put up on this blog and you think I deserve some sort of recognition and/or compensation for the posts that work very hard to put up, there are several ways that you can do just that.

  1. Interaction: Just like most people, I like to know when I make something that people like and when I’m doing a good job. You can do that by commenting on my blog, subscribing to my RSS Feed, Following me on Twitter and/or adding me to you circles on Google+ and interacting with me there! Links to all of my various pages around the internets are in the About.Me box in the sidebar. Or,
  2. Sharing Posts: This is the best way to get more people looking at my blog is by you sharing the post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or whatever way you tell other people about things you like. You can also
  3. Monetary: Click on any of the ads that I have up on this blog. I get paid a small percentage (between 4% and 9%, depending on the advertiser) of whatever you spend when you use the links I provide. I use only ads for things that I use myself and places that I purchase things from online. Chances are, if you’re reading a nerd blog, some of those links will be relevant to your interests. Some of those links don’t even require you to buy anything, just sign up for a free trial of a product (Audible & Mozy Remote Backup) or sign up for a free account (Flickr). These links are based on performance, so getting more/better results will roll up the incentives slightly.

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