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Happy Valentinaversary, Carol! I Made You A Mix-Tape!

This is my goofy goober!

This is my goofy goober with her second (?) love!

I got the wifey (pictured left) some stuff for our Valentinaversary, but I wanted to put this up, as well. I call it that because our anniversary is the day before Valentine’s Day. We are redefining gender boundaries with our marriage, as I tend to be more sentimental and mushy than she is, so I thought I would include a few key songs from our past with a little blurb about each one to let readers know why these songs are significant to us and to let Carol know why they are still significant to me. Just so you don’t feel bombarded, this blog post will include many feels and at least one of the stories will probably make many people feel awkward, just by reading it. You’re more than welcome to stop reading, at any point.

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My Niece, Gabriella Jade Garcia; We Love and Miss You

GabiGabriella Jade Garcia (Gabi, for short) was born on April 12, 2011 to my sister-in-law, Sara Garcia, and her husband, John Garcia. She was born into a loving family with parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts and uncles and an older sister that loved her very much. Her sister, Bella, would run and fetch a diaper for Gabi if Bella were in the room when Gabi was being changed. Bella tried to be the best big sister to Gabi, and she was. Gabi bore a great resemblance to her aunt on her mother’s side, Carol, whom Gabi got her love of Spongebob Squarepants from. She was a happy baby and had a habit of growling low, in her throat, rather than crying. One would think it would be upsetting for a human baby to growl at someone while they were trying to put her down for a nap, but it actually was really funny, in a cute and endearing way. She would wake from naps, smiling and would laugh like a maniac when I held her, gave her a hug and my beard would tickle her chin. This would immediately devolve into more laughing while yanking on my beard or trying to relieve the bridge of my nose of the burden of carrying my glasses. She was a sweetheart and is loved, very much.

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Nerd in the Country: In Which My Entire Life Revolves Around Gaming

WelcomeToAlbanyRegular readers here know of my affinity for table top games. I started with the basics, Uno, Skip-Bo, Monopoly and Yahtzee, when I was a kid. I got a Nintendo when I was 9 or so, and that is when video games became a thing. As I grew up, my gaming did as well. I started playing Magic: The Gathering in high school and my wife (whom I started dating in high school; Mushy, I know) got me into Rummy and Hearts. Around that time I started playing more video games because I had a job and could afford my own consoles and such. Video games took over my gaming for several years, but I wanted to start having friends over to game. However, when you invite friends over to play Portal 2, most of them think you’re a show off. So I started exploring table top games again because of a gamecon that my local comic store was putting on. Little did I know that table top games were going to become a huge part of everything I do know.

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Nerd in the Country: Why I Do These Posts

This little blog has been getting more traffic, as of late, and I’ve had a couple of questions (on social networks) from some readers of my “Nerd In The Country” posts. Some people seem to be confused on the purpose of the posts. That made me think quite hard about it, as I knew I had a plan when I went in to them, but they always seem to be slightly different from the version of the post that I had planned to put up. I felt the need to do some explaining about my blog, as a whole, as well as my “Nerd In The Country” posts.

I called this blog, as you can plainly see at the top of the page, #MyNerdography. The reason for that being that I am a nerd that gets super excited over things that most normies could give a shit about. I know…. sounds like exactly every other nerd, right? I get super hyped on nerd culture (shows, movies, music, celebs), space, new apps, comics and table top gaming. I could go further down the rabbit hole of those categories, but I feel that would be pointless as you can easily browse my blog and go down those rabbit holes yourself, should you choose. In a nutshell, I blog about things that are (traditionally considered) nerdy. I also only blog about things that interest me. Therefore, this blog is a tapestry of all the ways I’m nerdy, in short, #MyNerdography. #ImSuchAClicheRightNow Most of you probably caught all of that without my having to spell it out. It does tie directly into the structure of my “Nerd in the Country” posts, however, so I felt it pertinent to include it, briefly.

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Videos: “An Open Letter to the President” from Minute Physics and Dr. Neil Tyson


Minute physics is one of my favorite YouTube channels! It manages to explain some fairly complex theories in a way that the non-scientists (or someone with only a minor knowledge of science) can understand. This video was put up about a week ago, but I managed to miss it up until today. I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment expressed within and I think it is an amazing and integral point to make. America doesn’t seem to be that interested in scientific education. How are future generations supposed to succeed without innovation, exploration and education? Here’s a great piece about this topic from Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson that will illustrate the point that I’m getting at.


A couple of weeks ago, I posted an article about how this country is based on the idea of unity through diversity (Click Here for That Article) and I believe that is true. I also believe that education and exploration budgets have been heavily depleted recently. This is my call to action to not just the President of the United States of America, but to all people reading this, without a strong focus in the S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math) fields how will our future advance? Without the continuity of NASA and space exploration, what is there to inspire our youth to advance not only their race, and not only our country but the human species as a whole? We need these things. I will leave you with a quote from the above video…

Nobody’s dreaming about tomorrow anymore. -Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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Photo: #BobakIsMyHomie

I got these in the mail from The Space Tore today. My nerdiness is currently expanding faster than the universe. 🙂

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