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Free Comic Book Day Celebration with Nerd Titan

This Saturday is a super eventful day, because it is Free Comic Book Day and also Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you). Due to this rare alignment of Nerdly Venn Diagrams, the people at Nerd Titan are celebrating by posting our asses up at Borderlands Games (Salem, Or) to give away some cool nerd swag and to play table top games! The event starts at 11 AM and finishes up pretty late, so show up, read some comics, talk with us Nerd Titan folk and play some games with us! I have to work that day and won’t be able to get up there until ~4:30 or 5:00 PM, and I’m planning on doing some game demos while I’m there. Zac (a.k.a papa Titan) and I are talking with Borderlands about getting some weekly gaming tourneys started and this is going to be where we finalize a lot of those details. I’m also told that Bentley and King Richard will be recording an episode of their podcast on site and I will surely be popping in on that at some point!

All the details are documented on the Facebook Event page, so go confirm your planned attendance and post what games you would like to play with us! I will be bringing a bunch of games and plan to demo a couple of my favs (i.e. Ruse, Ascension, Munchkin, We Didn’t Playtest This, etc.) and talking gaming and game development. I am proud to be a part of a small commune of game developers in my area and I’m hoping some of them will also be attending. You might get a chance to play some games still in playtest mode or see some workshopping in action!


I’m Playing in Albany, Oregon on #TableTopDay!

Flyer for the Albany, OR #TableTopDay Mini-Con! Yes, you may print these out and plaster them all over your school/work. [Click to Enlargify]

Flyer for the Albany, OR #TableTopDay Mini-Con! Yes, you may print these out and plaster them all over your school/work. [Click to Enlargify]

My good friends from Bonsai Games (Ruse, Infinite Power) & Elderhaven Games (Dig Site) and I have been planning a local event for #TableTopDay! Sarah and Levi of Bonsai Games put in MAD WORK on this getting several game publishers to send us stuff to demo and giveaway at the con!

I will be bringing my game library and will be doing demos of many of them through out the day. This is my official invite to you to come out and play some games with your fellow nerds! The event is free (with encouraged donations going to the Boys and Girls Club of Albany) and will be a blast! Here’s the list of games that I will be bringing…

  • Ascension
  • Castle Panic
  • Dominion
  • Elder Sign
  • Infinite Power (ECG)
  • It’s Alive!
  • Kittens in a Blender
  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Munchkin (+ Unnatural Axe & The Guild Expansions)
  • Star Munchkin
  • Pandemic
  • Ruse
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Small World (+ Two Expansions)
  • Ticket to Ride (+ India & Switzerland Expansions)
  • We Didn’t Playtest This
  • Zombie Dice (+ Double Feature Expansion)

I will be printing out several QR codes for some of the games that have either mobile versions (Ascension, Elder Sign, Small World, Ticket to Ride and Zombie Dice) or have mobile accessories (Munchkin) like a level counter. You will be able to scan these QR codes with your iDevice (not sure if they have Android options) and download the app on the spot!

I am encouraging all comers to take pictures and/or videos while at the event and Tweet them to me for a post that I will be doing on Nerd Titan, and my YouTube channel! Should you be interested in Tweeting pics/vids to me to include in my video, you can Tweet them to @alloymatt using the hashtag #TableTopDay

You can find all the details about the event by clicking over to our event pages on either Facebook or Google+ and can find more info about what #TableTopDay is by watching the videos from Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton at the bottom of this post or by visiting the Table Top Day website where you can find similar events going on in your part of the world, should you not be local to the Oregon area.

Question time! What game(s) would you like to play/are you planning to bring with you on #TableTopDay? Tweet your responses to this question with (or just copy and paste) the following:

I’m playing [insert game name here; or just delete this part] with @BonsaiGames, @ElderhavenGames and @alloymatt on #TableTopDay! Join us!

Make sure you include the link at the end of the Tweet (to this article) so other people that you know that may be interested in also attending will know where to get the info on the event! You can also just grab the link and start posting it to all the other internets (Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, etc…) should you so desire.

#TableTopDay in Albany, Oregon:  Facebook Event Page | Google+ Event Page

Official Table Top Day Site

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#NerdNite Teaser 11.10.12


#Nerdnite, as you may have guessed, is one night out of every week where my nerdhurd and I get together at someone’s house so we can play games, watch nerdy shows & movies and just be nerds, in general! This is a little preview of what’s coming up for tonight’s #NerdNite:

  1. Gaming: I’ve been working crazy hard on this space based board game. I finished the writing process a couple of weeks ago and built a REALLY shitty alpha mock-up of the board. We (my nerdhurd) playtested it a few times and found a few bugs that needed to be worked out. I was expecting this, so it was no big deal. I got some GREAT feedback from Carol and Holly, two of my nerdhurd regs, but also got some great feedback from Levi and Sarah over at Bonsai Games, the two newest members of #NerdNite #TeamWholigans (an honor that I have yet to actually officially bestow upon them; if either of you are reading this, SURPRISE!) . They just successfully funded a card game called Ruse (click here for more about it) on Kickstarter and I could’t be happier for them! The point is, I finished the re-write on the space game and I’m hoping to get some playtesting done on it tonight with the nerdhurd! More on the space game soon.
  2. More Gaming: I recent got my copy of Ruse and a copy of Cards Against Humanity! I’m hoping we can get into those a bit, as well.
  3. Epic Rap Battles of History: I KNOW I’m behind the times… but I just founds this YouTube channel called Epic Rap Battles of History. I am really stoked to show some of these vids to the hurd! There’s a few I hope to show, one at the top of this post and two more at the bottom of the post
  4. Even More Gaming!: Holly, Josh and I started a campaign with the Doctor Who RPG a few weeks ago and I am stoked to get back to it!

I have two questions I’d like to ask, feel free to answer either or both!

  1. What should the working title of my Space Game be?
  2. Do you have your own #NerdNite? What do you and your besties like to play/watch/do?

Feel free to leave answers in the comments section below or hit me up with them on Twitter or Google+!

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Working On My First Board Game

This is (most of) my #nerdhurd! We call ourselves the #Wholigans. L2R: Josh (@gallifreyangay), Savannah, Will, that’s me, in the back and Holly (@Bad2theScone). Pic taken by Carol (@titsmcgeek82) Savannah and Will were drop ins for the night, and we really missed Luanne (@Mouseylu). Click to hugeify

We were having our usual Saturday night #NerdNite last weekend and playing some Star Munchkin. We were playing Ticket to Ride earlier in the night, and I just picked up a copy of the Doctor Who RPG. Needless to say, we were feeling a little spacey wacey…

My good friend Holly suggested that we should make a space based game. I am a HUGE space nerd (as you may have guessed if you’ve ever seen any of my “Random Geek Facts” that I used to post on CoinOpKids) and like the idea of playing a space based game. Me being the type that I am, I decided I wouldn’t even try to find a game that would satisfy my space gaming hunger, that I would write and design one.

#NerdNite (Shown Above) was called a bit earlier than usual, so I set my mind to getting some writing done on the game. I have most of the rules done and the mechanics all figured out. Now I just have to write some cards and get to work on designing a working play set. I know the first drafts will be really shotty looking, but I’m pretty sure that’s where all demos start, a big piece of paper glued to the back of a Ticket to Ride board or something to that effect. After a few playthroughs, my nerdly adventurers, the #Wholigans, and I will be able to work out some of the bugs and add/subtract rules and faulty mechanics. I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress by posting about it periodically on here and Twitter. If I am as happy with it in it’s finished state as I am with the writing I’ve done on it so far, then I might start selling copies or start an Indie-Go-Go campaign or something. Could be fun!

I have a fun idea for a card game, as well, so I might switch between the two when I get stuck on something and need to divert my attention away from a problem. So often it happens that by focusing too hard on a problem, I end up missing the obvious answer. In those cases, its nice to have a side project to distract me from the problem so my brain can figure it out without me throwing a bunch of thoughts in its way.

[CoinOpKids] Random Geek Fact: Just Another Game Con

(Click to Enlarge)


Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics, Cards and Collectibles has announced their second Gamecon this year! In case you weren’t aware, Matt’s Cavalcade is my dork store. This is where I go to get all my comic and gaming needs fulfilled. This is not meant to seem like a commercial for the store, but it is pertinent info.
Every year, Matt’s puts on a couple of Gamecons. The first one of this year was in April in which I attended and managed to win a Magic: the Gathering Land Station in the “Avacyn Restored” pre-release tournament, as well as playing bunches of Dominion, Smallworld and Settlers of Catan.

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Review: Ticket to Ride iPad App

“Ticket to Ride” by Days of Wonder

Ticket to ride is published by the same company that publishes Small World, so I’m not that surprised by the fact that they released an iPad app for this game as well.  I have played both the table top version of the game (construct consists of a game board, miniatures and cards) and the iPad version of the game and wanted to write a review for the app like I did for the Small World app a couple of weeks ago.  Ticket to Ride also gives you the option to play online from your Mac or to download the game from Steam.

I am really impressed with this app! Far more impressed than I was with the Small World app! Luckily, that review has already gone out. 🙂 In fact, this app is so good, it kinda makes the Small World app look… well, to be blunt, shitty. The Small World App was very limited, but still enjoyable to noobs. Ticket to Ride is the full experience of the board game, minus the pesky counting and setup and it’s FAR cheaper than the table top version. On Amazon, the table top version of the game is going for around $37, whereas the app was only $5 or $6.

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