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“Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer” Review, Tutorial and Strategy Tips


Ascension is, for my money, the best deck building game on the market. I know the Dominion crowd won’t appreciate that statement, but Ascension is a better two player experience than Dominion. I like the Ascension system simply because of limitation of the “Supply” and the (virtually) unlimited amount of basic purchases and Monsters to defeat. There’s also some variety as it applies to strategy. I love that Ascension is available for mobile devices, as well. What card gamer doesn’t like the chance to strategize behind their opponents’ backs? This article is a little tl;dr for some, so if you’re just looking for the app link and not interested in the rest, here ya’ go.

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iOS App of Note: NASA HD

[Click to Aggrandize] Screen Shot from NASA App HD for iPad

It’s no surprise that I happen to be a turbo dork for space science. I’ve done reviews on other space apps in the past and written articles about Jupiter, Pluto and Kepler-47’s exoplanets. (All of which are linked to at the bottom of this article, in case you’re interested.) That being said, I am constantly on the look out for amazing spacey-wacey type things. Needless to say that, when I found this NASA App for my iPad, the Dorkometer went in the red.

I love learning about space! I like to stay up-to-date on the Curiosity Rover and find out everything that I can about our solar system, especially Jupiter and Pluto. I am the most fascinated with those two worlds! This app is amazing for keeping up on our solar system! #BobakIsMyHomie

The picture to the left shows you the start screen for the app. The main feature is, of course, the Sun and planets (plus our moon, the ISS and one dwarf planet). You can tap on any of these bodies to learn much more about them. It really doesn’t hold back either! It gives you a wealth of knowledge about the body!  This is great for kids that are interested in space, students that are just starting to learn about our solar system or curious adults that (like me) didn’t pay enough attention in the appropriate class when they were younger because they were too busy undressing an attractive person a few rows up with their brain. #DamnableHormones!

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Apple Event Meta-Live-Tweeting About to Commence

Apple is live streaming there event on the Apple website or you can stream the event on your AppleTV, which is how I’ll be watching until 11 when I have to leave for work. #StupidJob

I’ll be metaliveTweeting the event as long as I can, so follow me on Twitter for more. I will also be doing a wrap-up post about it later today.

iOS App of the Week: Flipboard

Mobile users (either tablet or phone) are constantly on the look out for new apps to satisfy their needs. As a blogger, my needs include staying informed so I can give the best possible information about a given topic, so I searched long and hard for a news reader that would live up to my (admittedly, very high) expectations. I finally landed on Flipboard.

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Review: Zombie Dice 2: The Double Feature Expansion

Zombie Dice, by Stephen Jackson Games, is a dice based game in which you and your friends play as brain hungry zombies, and each of the 13 dice are your victims. You roll all the dice and try to eat 13 brains before you are shotgunned! I have included an episode of Wil Wheaton’s “Table Top” at the end of this post, should you like to know more about Zombie Dice.

This expansion gives you 3 more dice that you can substitute in for some of the dice that come with your original Zombie Dice set to allow you to play the game differently. As you see in the picture, the three new dice consist of a white on black die (referred to as “The Hunk”), a pink on black die (referred to as “The Hottie”) and a white on red die (referred to as Santa Clause). These are meant to comprise three different play styles.

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Review: Ticket to Ride iPad App

“Ticket to Ride” by Days of Wonder

Ticket to ride is published by the same company that publishes Small World, so I’m not that surprised by the fact that they released an iPad app for this game as well.  I have played both the table top version of the game (construct consists of a game board, miniatures and cards) and the iPad version of the game and wanted to write a review for the app like I did for the Small World app a couple of weeks ago.  Ticket to Ride also gives you the option to play online from your Mac or to download the game from Steam.

I am really impressed with this app! Far more impressed than I was with the Small World app! Luckily, that review has already gone out. 🙂 In fact, this app is so good, it kinda makes the Small World app look… well, to be blunt, shitty. The Small World App was very limited, but still enjoyable to noobs. Ticket to Ride is the full experience of the board game, minus the pesky counting and setup and it’s FAR cheaper than the table top version. On Amazon, the table top version of the game is going for around $37, whereas the app was only $5 or $6.

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