Chris Hardwick and I at "The Nerdist Way" book signing at Powell's Books in Portland, Oregon

Chris Hardwick and I at “The Nerdist Way” book signing at Powell’s Books in Portland, Oregon

My name is Matt Jacobs and I have been blogging and/or podcasting since 2009. I have a wonderful and beautiful wife that I love very much. I am a very proud nerd and have been as long as I can remember. I love Doctor Who, Sherlock and Stephen King and I am a fan of virtually anything that Chris Hardwick and/or Felicia Day do… ever. I love playing table top games! On top of my articles here, I am also the head writer for table top gaming and science correspondent over at Nerd Titan. You will find links to my various social networks and other sites that I find amazing in the sidebar, so feel free to browse around! Should you enjoy what you see and wish to help support me and my adventures in nerdery, then I would suggest that you click over to the “Support” page of this blog and read about how best to do that. Thanx for stopping by and I hope you comeback! 🙂


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