Nerd in the Country: Why I Do These Posts

This little blog has been getting more traffic, as of late, and I’ve had a couple of questions (on social networks) from some readers of my “Nerd In The Country” posts. Some people seem to be confused on the purpose of the posts. That made me think quite hard about it, as I knew I had a plan when I went in to them, but they always seem to be slightly different from the version of the post that I had planned to put up. I felt the need to do some explaining about my blog, as a whole, as well as my “Nerd In The Country” posts.

I called this blog, as you can plainly see at the top of the page, #MyNerdography. The reason for that being that I am a nerd that gets super excited over things that most normies could give a shit about. I know…. sounds like exactly every other nerd, right? I get super hyped on nerd culture (shows, movies, music, celebs), space, new apps, comics and table top gaming. I could go further down the rabbit hole of those categories, but I feel that would be pointless as you can easily browse my blog and go down those rabbit holes yourself, should you choose. In a nutshell, I blog about things that are (traditionally considered) nerdy. I also only blog about things that interest me. Therefore, this blog is a tapestry of all the ways I’m nerdy, in short, #MyNerdography. #ImSuchAClicheRightNow Most of you probably caught all of that without my having to spell it out. It does tie directly into the structure of my “Nerd in the Country” posts, however, so I felt it pertinent to include it, briefly.

In the absence of my memoirs, I will give another brief description of my background that will, probably, strike a chord with a few readers. I was raised to be mostly conservative and christian. I was told that I should always try to fit in, unless my parents were trying to console me through some sort of bullying in school, in which case I would hear from them, “Why do you even care what those kids think about you anyway?” As it was, I developed an attitude in which I didn’t care about others’ bad opinions about me, but desperately strove to make sure others had a good opinion about me. As a former psych major, I see how those two opposing forces can exist in a single person, simultaneously, and still do, to some extent. I was raised to row along with the others, but also to rock the boat now and again. Catholics and Jewish people will recognize this! “You should follow your dreams… but make sure you feel guilty about it most of the time.”

Then I started forming an identity and personality of my own. Needless to say, some of the ideals I was raised with have gone by the wayside. I took a serious look at religion through my own eyes and realized it wasn’t for me. I started to realize that “all those lefties” were people who, for the most part, I agreed with. The more I tried to accept these principles, the more I felt the breath of sublimation on my neck. In my mid-twenties, I just decided to throw out all my preconceived notions about virtually everything and think my way through problems as they arose. The thing that I think is most interesting about this, is my instinctual responses to things vs. my thought out responses. I’d really like to see a study of people who were raised with one ideal, but ended up making a complete turn around on the topic later in life.

You see, my first responses to certain things (i.e. religion, pseudo/anti-science, and what a “woman’s place” is) are, often, quite different from my thought out responses. I feel there is no harm in them, as the first responses never get out of my brain. I give myself a couple of seconds to think things out and render an actual reaction. This may seem like simple political correctness, but I feel it is much more than that. When it comes to religion and pseudo/anti-science, my first reaction is to believe what’s being offered. After a few seconds of rational thought on the topic, I reach my actual belief of whatever given subject. I’ve become quite adept at this recently, considering all the Doomsday predictions that seem to be flying around lately, all of which seem to have a religious and/or pseudo/anti-science bend to them. Raised as a “traditional” male in a place that is HEAVILY populated by rednecks, I, initially, get very defensive over feminism. After a moment to clarify, I am able to develop an actual response. I believe the best proof of this is my continuation of a happy relationship that encompasses nearly half of my life to a wonderful woman (who is employed, makes more money than me, doesn’t have to cook or clean, but still chooses to, and is treated like royalty). I think most people who believe something contrary to how they were raised have a similar system. This system of self-analysis is another way that I categorize nerds and geeks. Generally, nerds and geeks are very analytical of themselves, but also very self-effacing.

My “Nerd in the Country” posts are my explorations of just such things. It’s that moment of consideration that happens between instinctual response and actual response, expounded upon via text. My space related posts are my way of ACTUALLY understanding the universe, as a REAL thing, rather than just buying in to what I’m told about it. A fine example of that is my post about Pluto. Rather than just saying, “Pluto isn’t a planet anymore? Fuck that!” or “Pluto isn’t a planet anymore? Well, the scientists said so…” I wanted to understand and comprehend WHY Pluto got demoted to a dwarf planet, which I agree with. I wouldn’t have complained if someone “grandfather clause”d Pluto into planet status at the time, however. I did my research on the topic and found out some amazing info that I thought other people would find interesting, so I blogged it. “Nerd in the Country” is my two selves, the instinctual and the actual, battling it out for supremacy over each other. #VeryFreudian I actually enjoy these battles, when I sit down and write them out for a blog post! I get the glory of having multiple perspectives on a topic and being able to give voice to both of those perspectives through satire. It makes for entertaining writing and (hopefully) reading. There it is. The through line of my “Nerd in the Country” posts.

As usual, I would like to leave you with a question. How do you settle these same inner battles when you come across them? Do you write a blog post about them, or do you kick your dog and punch your children in the throat?

Feel free to leave your comments/suggestions/questions in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this post wherever you like to share things that you like (there’s a few buttons at the bottom to help with that). Should you be interested in more stuff like this, you can always subscribe to my RSS Feed, “Friend” me on Facebook, “Follow” me on Twitter or “Circle” me on Google+!

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  1. I punch babies 🙂

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