#NerdNite Teaser 11.10.12

[youtube http://youtu.be/xDj7gvc_dsA]

#Nerdnite, as you may have guessed, is one night out of every week where my nerdhurd and I get together at someone’s house so we can play games, watch nerdy shows & movies and just be nerds, in general! This is a little preview of what’s coming up for tonight’s #NerdNite:

  1. Gaming: I’ve been working crazy hard on this space based board game. I finished the writing process a couple of weeks ago and built a REALLY shitty alpha mock-up of the board. We (my nerdhurd) playtested it a few times and found a few bugs that needed to be worked out. I was expecting this, so it was no big deal. I got some GREAT feedback from Carol and Holly, two of my nerdhurd regs, but also got some great feedback from Levi and Sarah over at Bonsai Games, the two newest members of #NerdNite #TeamWholigans (an honor that I have yet to actually officially bestow upon them; if either of you are reading this, SURPRISE!) . They just successfully funded a card game called Ruse (click here for more about it) on Kickstarter and I could’t be happier for them! The point is, I finished the re-write on the space game and I’m hoping to get some playtesting done on it tonight with the nerdhurd! More on the space game soon.
  2. More Gaming: I recent got my copy of Ruse and a copy of Cards Against Humanity! I’m hoping we can get into those a bit, as well.
  3. Epic Rap Battles of History: I KNOW I’m behind the times… but I just founds this YouTube channel called Epic Rap Battles of History. I am really stoked to show some of these vids to the hurd! There’s a few I hope to show, one at the top of this post and two more at the bottom of the post
  4. Even More Gaming!: Holly, Josh and I started a campaign with the Doctor Who RPG a few weeks ago and I am stoked to get back to it!

I have two questions I’d like to ask, feel free to answer either or both!

  1. What should the working title of my Space Game be?
  2. Do you have your own #NerdNite? What do you and your besties like to play/watch/do?

Feel free to leave answers in the comments section below or hit me up with them on Twitter or Google+!

[youtube http://youtu.be/njos57IJf-0] [youtube http://youtu.be/zn7-fVtT16k]



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