Macklemore and Ryan Lewis: “Same Love”


I don’t usually do “political” posts. There’s plenty of other places to get your info on such things, so I steer clear from that kind of thing. However, I don’t view gay equality as a political issue, but as a moral one. I am posting this video above because, as a person with two very important gay people in my life, and as the resident of a state that does not yet allow gay marriage, I am compelled to bring this subject up.

I am willing to admit that I am not much different from the majority of people on this topic. It has no real effect on me as a person that is married to a female, and I sometimes forget that it is an issue. It’s not constantly on my mind. That may sound harsh to many people, but it’s not my rights that are being directly violated, so it slips my mind. Not only do I feel that is not harsh, but just a way of being. I had this discussion with “my gays” (which is how I lovingly refer to them; and they approve) and they said that they understand that for straight  people, its understandable how one could completely forget about the issue. It’s no different from those other issues that people are passionate about (i.e. taxes, war, religion) in the sense that it’s not on your mind 100% of the time. That being the case, sometimes things surprise you.

I’ve seen the above video a few times and, for whatever reason, it didn’t have the effect that it did on me today. I was just sitting here watching some vids before work and this was in the YouTube suggestions… so I watched it again. I am also not embarrassed to admit that it made me cry. Who are we, as a people, that we can say who people are allowed to marry if they love that person? Voting is upon us, in Oregon anyway, and I’m saying that I’m throwing in. I am 100% in support of gay marriage and always have been. I just wanted to make it known. Unfollow, unfriend and unsubscribe if you choose, this is America after all and you have that right.

To all my gays out there… keep your heads up. One day the idiots that are attempting to hold you back will fail or die. Personally, I’d rather that we beat them while they’re alive, so we can rub it in their faces.  To “my gays”, Holly and Josh… I love you both and think you’re amazing people. It will come as no surprise to you that I am officially backing gay marriage, but I NEEDED to say it… if only for those times that I’ve forgotten to. #PourOneOutForMyHomos


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