Working On My First Board Game

This is (most of) my #nerdhurd! We call ourselves the #Wholigans. L2R: Josh (@gallifreyangay), Savannah, Will, that’s me, in the back and Holly (@Bad2theScone). Pic taken by Carol (@titsmcgeek82) Savannah and Will were drop ins for the night, and we really missed Luanne (@Mouseylu). Click to hugeify

We were having our usual Saturday night #NerdNite last weekend and playing some Star Munchkin. We were playing Ticket to Ride earlier in the night, and I just picked up a copy of the Doctor Who RPG. Needless to say, we were feeling a little spacey wacey…

My good friend Holly suggested that we should make a space based game. I am a HUGE space nerd (as you may have guessed if you’ve ever seen any of my “Random Geek Facts” that I used to post on CoinOpKids) and like the idea of playing a space based game. Me being the type that I am, I decided I wouldn’t even try to find a game that would satisfy my space gaming hunger, that I would write and design one.

#NerdNite (Shown Above) was called a bit earlier than usual, so I set my mind to getting some writing done on the game. I have most of the rules done and the mechanics all figured out. Now I just have to write some cards and get to work on designing a working play set. I know the first drafts will be really shotty looking, but I’m pretty sure that’s where all demos start, a big piece of paper glued to the back of a Ticket to Ride board or something to that effect. After a few playthroughs, my nerdly adventurers, the #Wholigans, and I will be able to work out some of the bugs and add/subtract rules and faulty mechanics. I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress by posting about it periodically on here and Twitter. If I am as happy with it in it’s finished state as I am with the writing I’ve done on it so far, then I might start selling copies or start an Indie-Go-Go campaign or something. Could be fun!

I have a fun idea for a card game, as well, so I might switch between the two when I get stuck on something and need to divert my attention away from a problem. So often it happens that by focusing too hard on a problem, I end up missing the obvious answer. In those cases, its nice to have a side project to distract me from the problem so my brain can figure it out without me throwing a bunch of thoughts in its way.


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