Nerd in the Country: In Which Matt Confesses His Total Fanboy Status

As the graphic suggests, there are not a lot of nerds near me. That would also suggest that there is not a lot of opportunities to attend cons around here. Sure, Seattle, Washington isn’t that far away and they have some pretty legit cons (Emerald City Comic Con, Crypticon and ZomBcon; to name a few) up there, but Seattle is that perfect distance away from me as to make it expensive to attend any of those as they generally require staying at least one night.

We do have a couple of cool cons that happen here, (Rose City Comic Con and Gamecon) but not near enough for my liking and not to the extent that I would like. I want to have some of those super amazing guests! We don’t get the cast of Firefly or Doctor Who up here, our comic con, Rose City Comic Con, had the Original Pink Ranger from the Power Rangers…#WhatTheActualFuck Where’s John Barrowman? I feel like that guy would probably show both my wife and myself a great time!

All this to say that, due to our lack of rad con guests, we turn minor, local celebrities into giant titans of Hollywood. The other downside to this is that people who aren’t good at meeting celebrities, never get any better at it. We are permanently stuck in fanboy mode! When I say we, of course I mean me.

Anyone that knows me or follows my blog knows that I am a turbo fanboy of Chris Hardwick. I think everything he does is absolutely brilliant! His podcast is my absolute favorite podcast. His comedy is the perfect blend of nerdom and pop culture, heartwarming and edgy. I own both the hardback and audiobook of his book, “The Nerdist Way”, (which is available in paper form on Amazon, for your e-reader through Amazon and iTunes and audiobook form on Audible and iTunes) which I would strongly suggest you check out! If I were a comic book character, I would be Superfanboy! The fat, adoring and helpful sidekick to Chris Hardwick and/or Wil Wheaton! My super powers are creeping out famous people with my inappropriate levels of adoration and draining fun from parties! #ShoutOutToMarianCall

The Doubleclicks (Angela and Aubery; Respectively) and Myself. Click to embiggen and/or enlargify

That’s not where it stops, however. That’s right, I have even more awkward to inject into this blog post! I found out about this super cool folk/comedy duo based in Portland, Oregon called the Doubleclicks a few months ago. Skipping a bunch of stuff, I end up heading up to Portland to watch these two awesome avatars of nerdly female awesomeness doing a live show at a bar. I knew every word to every song! Angela and Aubery are cute and talented, and we all know how good nerds are when presented with just this such scenario. To add another layer, I’ve been with my wife for 12 years and haven’t maintained the (admittedly lackluster) “talking to girls” skills that I had prior to meeting her. Needless to say, meeting the Doubleclicks after the show was doomed to turn into an epic failure pile. As an after thought, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been…

The thing is, I didn’t used to be a mad fanboy when I met famous people who I thought were super cool! When I started podcasting, I got to interview and hang out with some of the biggest bands in the underground metal scene! Only once did I fanboy awkwardly, and that was on Unearth who was one of the bands that got me into metal back in 2002-ish! I’ve viewed them as demigods ever since, so it probably makes sense that I was a dickramp when I met them. I still can’t figure out where the hell the fanboy came from. #WhyCantIJustBeChill

I’d like to know who you go all “OMG! You’re so totes may fav!” over or would if you ever got the chance to meet them. Leave your responses in the comments section below. On the next “Nerd in the Country” blog post, I’ll tell you about the time that I met Chris Hardwick, and how painful it was for my wife to watch.

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