“Gangnam Style” Commentary

[youtube http://youtu.be/9bZkp7q19f0]

The above video is currently number 1 on YouTube and has over 100,000,000 views on YouTube since July 15, 2012. I will admit to being at least 20 of those views. Fair warning, this is K-Pop (as in Korean Pop)

The song has a good beat and I enjoy the tune. However, the video is what makes the tune! There are so many things here that just make me laugh sooo hard, that I decided to pass the video around and add a little commentary to it here. I’ll reference times with my thoughts on the segment in question.

0:19 – 0:30 Horses… What? Why is this dude just chillin’ on a playground and making a child and/or dwarf dance like Michael Jackson for him? Was that dancing?

0:30 – 0:47 I like the wind tunnel effect… I think that’s pure cocaine. That’s right Jay-Z, where you at?

0:47 – 1:11 Getting a little intimate with man-boobs in the sauna. Not that I blame him… Let’s be real, those are some pretty sweet moobies that guy has going on. Tennis court? Wait… did anyone else catch that guy on the left dancing with an invisible partner? Old people tour/party bus! This guy knows how to live! Random, completely unnecessary explosion! That’s Gangnam Style for your face!

1:11 – 1:24 More… dancing? If this is what is all the hotness in Korean dancing right now, I may be relocating, because I think I’ve done this dance before. #DrunkWhiteGuy #ApparentlyKoreansAsWell Dance walking! What! I would pay someone to follow me around in this manner. #Srsly More creepy children’s settings…

1:25 – 1:40 Oh Shit! He just flipped the script on his “dancing”! Either that or it’s the lazy side kicking I’ve ever seen. Lazy side kicking into a random yoga class, I’m on board. Old people tour/party bus, revisited. IM ON A MOTHER FUCKIN BOAT! Look at that ass! I know, scream at it. Done.

1:40 – 1:55 Nice ride! Oh Shit! Walowitz just set it off in this parking garage! Of course, lazy side kicking FOR THE WIN! #FuckYouWalowitz!

1:55 – 2:02 Elevator; Holy shit! Look at the humping guy’s face! #AllTheLOLS!

2:02 – 2:07 Walowitz, out!

2:07 – 2:30 OH! Hello beautiful… I wish there was a subway here so hot Asians could dance in the trains for no apparent reason. WOW! I, now, have a thing for Asian girls. #TheMoreYouKnow

2:30 – 3:07 Is he wearing hammer pants? I gotta figure out this dance… Cross arms at wrists and let them flop. Then bunny hop to stomp, right-left-right-right. Switch! Left-right-left-left. Repeat. Lazy side kicks. I got this! That’s a huge hot tub. Who wears goggles in a hot tub? Previous settings montage, hot tub flails. Dancing across the street.

3:07 – 3:17 The last time I saw this effect in a video was either Missy Elliot or LL Cool J… either way, it’s still awesome. That’s the chick from the subway, yeah? Totally caught off guard by the toilet. HAHAHAHAHA! Everyone busts lyrics while they shit, right? Just this guy and myself then… K.

3:17 – 3:40 Elderly party tour 2012! #DrunkWhiteGuyAndKoreanGuyDance Subway chick moving her hips. Alright! #Giggity

3:40 – End Walowitz comeback! BTW, the dudes on the International Space Station can see that suit. Through the cover of a parking garage. WOAH! Walowitz with the crazy gazelle kicks! #ThatTotallyBeatsLazySideKicks!


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