Doctor Who Series 7 Premier and Prequel!


Here’s a short video at the London Premier of the first episode of the series, “Asylum of the Daleks”

Considering what a HUGE #Wholigan I am, (‘Wholigan’ is my invented word for a Doctor Who fan) you are bound to hear about Doctor Who a LOT this week, due to the series 7 premier this coming Saturday. That being the case, I wanted to post a bunch of videos that have been hitting YouTube recently.

Here’s a video interview with Karen Gillan and Arthur Darville (Amy and Rory Pond/Williams)


Here’s a video interview with Executive Producers Caro Skinner and Steven Moffat


And here’s the first of five episodes of a prequel series being released one-a-day leading up to the Series 7 Premier. This is called “Pond Life”


I will post every episode of this prequel series as they become available.
Doctor Who series 7 premiers  on BBC America on Saturday, September 1st at 9:00 p.m. PST. I’m sure I will be blowing up GetGlue and Twitter during commercial breaks, so hit me up in either of those places if you want to join in on the chat.


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  1. Hello Matt 🙂

    I’m probably not commenting in the right place, but I live in Lebanon and I was wondering if you knew of any Whofest or Con type gatherings locally?? My little boy is 8 and a HUGE fan as am I and it would be awesome if we could go geek together. I have had some success with my Etsy shop GallifreyanMarket and my DW shoes and would like to splurge a little and cosplay for the first time o_o any info you have would be great. Thanks a bunch!

    Melissa ( whovianmom)

    • I do not, although I would LOVE to organize such an event! Some sort of mini-nerdcon in Albany or Corvallis. I know there are plenty of nerd things going on in Portland, but I want nerdy things to happen closer to us. If more people approach me about this, I will try to get something going. I know my nerdhurd would be STOKED on that! Thanx for visiting and commenting on my little blog! 🙂 Can I ask how you found my blog?

    • Do you have Wholigan (that’s my word for Doctor Who fans; like Whovian) friends that would attend such an event? I can think of maybe 8 people around here that would. If I can manage to find 25+ people that would be interested, I would be willing to organize small events like viewings and gaming groups and such.

  2. So sorry, I just found this site again 😦 I have a few friends locally that are Wholigans ( very nice btw) unfortunately most of my dw fan friends are in the UK or Australia. Some of my family members are but I could probably only guarantee about 5 guests. Maybe if we were to advertise at the colleges? I don’t remember how I found your site? Maybe looking for a con or a key word that popped up. I have a shop called GallifreyanMarket on Etsy ? Could you have commented on my shoes? They are all over the place lol, DW themed shoes. Maybe email me at 🙂 I will log in also but that didn’t appear to work last time as I had no notification that you responded to my comment.


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