iOS App of Note: Solar Walk 3D


This is a wonderful app for space enthusiasts and/or for kids that want to learn more about the solar system. I have memories of going to a planetarium and learning all about the Rings of Saturn and nearby stars. Unfortunately, I don’t get to make those trips as often as I would like now that I have growed up responsibilities. This app doesn’t quite make-up for that experience, but it is pretty close.

I picked up this app last Saturday and I’ve been toying with it as much as I possibly can ever since. One of my favorite things to do is to view Earth. Within that view, most of the NASA satellites (including the International Space Station) and their orbits can be seen. You can flick a timer in the sideboard and watch as time goes forward or back and watch these satellites orbit around a rotating Earth! (See Above)

Another thing I love to do is to go to another large planet and then tap on it’s nearest moon. Once you’re in that view, flick the timer and watch as the gargantuan planet drifts into the background like it’s about to crash into the moon you’re viewing! Saturn looks like it’s going to saw right through Mimas.

Here’s a screen cap from the app viewing Larissa (Neptune’s nearest moon) with Triton in the background and the blue giant drifting onto screen from the right. #SoCool!

This app is amazing and really has a lot of browsability! I could spend HOURS drifting around the solar system and watching informational videos about the Cycles of the Earth or the Phases of the Moon. Right now, the app is 70% off in the iTunes App Store as a “Back to School” special, making it only 99 cents for either the iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad.

Download “Solar Walk 3D” for Your iOS Device



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