Review – Zombie Dice iOS App

Zombie Dice App Loading Screen [Screen Grab from my iPhone]

You may have gathered from my review of  Zombie Dice 2: The Double Feature here on CoinOpKids a couple of months ago that I am a big fan of the Zombie Dice franchise from (also the creators of the “Munchkin” franchise) Stephen Jackson Games. By “may have gathered,” of course I mean “should have gathered”.

I love it when developers take one of my favorite table top games and turn it into an amazing app! Trust me… there are developers that have tried to make the transition and gotten WRONG (Dominion Card Game comes to mind), so it is refreshing to see it done right!

This app is really true to the game in its table top format, if not a little more brutal. Of course the app is no substitute for a bunch drunk friends sitting around a table, rolling dice and trash talking like LaBron James after he does anything, but it is still rad!  I love the fact that Stephen Jackson Games (SJG) took some time to come up with 16 achievements for the app that work with the Apple “Game Center” to add more depth to the game. I have this game for both the iPhone and iPad, so my achievements are collected and shown no matter which device I happen to be using. I usually wouldn’t mind having to complete them for each version of the app, but the “Unstoppable Mega Zombie” (Win a game with a score of 25 brains or more) was kind of brutal… Holy shit! According to the Leaderboards, the most brains eaten in a single game is 40! #IHaveSomeWorkToDo

This is a great app for people who want to try it out before they actually come out-of-pocket for the physical copy. Since the app is free, you can try before you buy! It’s like torrenting a table top game, something that someone needs to work on, by the way. The app is free, but for 99 cents you can upgrade and get access to a multi-player element. You can add up to 8  real life players (10 on the iPad), so you get the same social construct, but dropping your iPad in the middle of table of frat guys drinking various boozy concoctions is not really something I would suggest. #DestructionByBeerNotCoveredByAppleCare

Now that I’ve managed to worship SJG, I want to take a moment to focus on the two complaints I have with this app, availability and expansion. I have access to this app, as I am an iOS device user. However, I would like to see a version for the Android market, as I would like my Android having peeps to be able to play with this amazing app, as well. This is a minor issue though, as I’m very confident that SJG is working on a version for Android devices, even as I type this. I also wish this app had the “Double Feature” expansion built-in or even as an in app purchase allowing me to choose which version of the game I want to play. A separate app would also work.

Don’t get down SJG, you’ve done a great job and I look forward to many more toilet visits or unwanted chats with family members that include Zombie Dice. They also have an awesome “BBRRAAIINNSS” ringtone available as a free download on the Zombie Dice app landing page (link below) as well, so grab that up and change your txt tone!

Zombie Dice Landing Page on Stephen Jackson Games’ Website

Download the “Zombie Dice” App for your iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad


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