iOS App of the Week – Munchkin Level Counter

I am huge Munchkin fan! The game is so easy to figure out and teach to non-gamers! I often use Munchkin as, to use Wil Wheaton’s words, an infection vector to get people into gaming so I can expand my #nerdhurd. I’ve been playing Munchkin for a couple of years and, when I purchased my copy, either the deluxe version didn’t exist yet, or wasn’t readily available at my local dorkstore at the time. So I don’t have the super awesome version that came with miniatures and a game board, I always used dice to keep track of levels and such.

While I was browsing around the iTunes App store one day, I came across the “Munchkin Level Counter.” This app is pretty sweet. It allows you to choose from different versions of Munchkin that you may have and the graphics displayed change depending on which version you choose to play with. This is much more than a level counter. The functionality that’s built in to the app is amazing, incorporating several other gameplay mechanics and add-ons, some of which are, usually, only available as seperate purchases for the Munchkin game, like the Dice Roller & “Kill-O-Meter.”

Tap the appropriate tab to make your Run Away roll against the big baddies, then tap over to your Kill-O-Meter to see how many monsters you’ve killed so you don’t get all depressed about the Run Away you had to roll for.

That is just a couple of the bonuses that come with this app. The BIG draw to pick up this Level Counter is the “Boon” that you are allowed to collect once per game. Not sure what that means? Well,  at any time you can tap the “Get Boon” button at the bottom of the screen and you get your choice of either a combat bonus or non-combat bonus. Make your selection and you will get a one time use bonus that is based on your level. The higher your level, the better your bonus. At level nine, I chose to get a Combat Bonus and the app gave me “Magic Missile,”  which, as hardcore munchkin fans will know, gives you a +5 combat bonus!

The app is $4.99, which is a little on the high side. However, think of all the run away rolls this app could save you? How many times have you kicked down the door only to find a Plutonium Dragon waiting to frizzle fry your ass and looked at your hand only to find your combat level was low by two levels? This would solve the problem for you! I have yet to get to the best part of the “Boon” bonus that comes with this app. Only people that have the app can get this bonus! That means all your your friends playing with you wanna #ragequit when they think they just destroyed your face with something and you “Boon” for the win! IN YOUR FACE HOLLY! You thought that level 10 “Tall, Hot Girl” was gonna take me down when you kicked it with that Freezing Explosive Potion, I Booned into a +5 bitch! Suck MY Magic Mis….
Sorry… Drifted off for a second.

The point being, if you’re a Munchkin player, you should get this app! It will give you bonuses that make you inappropriately sling swears and misogyny at your friends like a neanderthal! #GreatCommercial #AwkwardPressQuote

Download the “Munchkin Level Counter” for your iPhone/iPod Touch



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