Review: Zombie Dice 2: The Double Feature Expansion

Zombie Dice, by Stephen Jackson Games, is a dice based game in which you and your friends play as brain hungry zombies, and each of the 13 dice are your victims. You roll all the dice and try to eat 13 brains before you are shotgunned! I have included an episode of Wil Wheaton’s “Table Top” at the end of this post, should you like to know more about Zombie Dice.

This expansion gives you 3 more dice that you can substitute in for some of the dice that come with your original Zombie Dice set to allow you to play the game differently. As you see in the picture, the three new dice consist of a white on black die (referred to as “The Hunk”), a pink on black die (referred to as “The Hottie”) and a white on red die (referred to as Santa Clause). These are meant to comprise three different play styles.

Big Summer Action Movie

The first is known as “Big Summer Action Movie” and incorporates the “Hunk” ans “Hottie” dice. To play this version of the game, remove two of the Yellow dice from the original Zombie Dice set and plunk in the “Hunk” and “Hottie” dice. In this gameplay style, when you capture either the “Hottie” or the “Hunk,” they can rescue each other from your brain pile if you roll a shotgun on the die representing their counterpart. In other words, if you capture the “Hottie,” and then get shotgunned by the “Hunk,” the “Hottie” die is removed from your brain pile and put back into play, with the inverse being true, as well.

Santa Clause Meets the Zombies

The second new style is known as “Santa Clause Meets the Zombies” and incorporates the “Santa” die. Substitute the “Santa” die in for one of the Green Dice from the original Zombie Dice set. This die still includes the regular icons (Feet, Brain and Shotgun) but adds three more icons, Helmet, Energy Drink and Double Brain. Assuming you don’t either get shotgunned by Santa or eat his brain, he has some gifts for you! The Helmet makes it so it takes 4 shotgun blasts to kill you instead of 3! The Energy Drink makes you a fast zombie. For the rest of the game, whenever you roll Feet on a Green die, that counts as rolling Brain! The Double Brain means that Santa has brought you a Zombie Christmas Feast and you get two brains!

The Direct-To-Video Sequel

The third style is known as “The Direct-To-Video Sequel” and incorporates all three new dice, substituting them in for two Yellow and one Green dice from the original Zombie Dice set. The “Hunk” and “Hottie” rules still apply, but now they also apply to “Santa”! Now the Good Guys can rescue Santa, and he can rescue them! Remember, the Helmet, Double Brain and Energy Drink icons are gifts from Santa, so if you get shotgunned by the “Hero” or “Hottie” while in possession of any of those three, you still keep them.

Zombie Dice was already a blast of a game, if you’ll pardon my pun, but this expansion is great for taking a game like Zombie Dice to a more complex level. It’s not that much more complex, but it does rekindle the game a bit, should you be a person that has played it so much that you’re starting to get bored with the game.

Zombie Dice is also available as a free app download for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, so if you would like to play it a bit before you buy it, that is an option.

Purchase:  Zombie Dice: Original Set | Zombie Dice: Double Feature Expansion


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