CoinOpKids: Last Chance to Reason – Bringing Metal to the Gamers


Last Chance to Reason is a progressive metal band based in Maine. I’m writing about them on this site because they are working on a very interesting project, a video to act as a companion to their most recent album. It’s nothing over the top, just your basic side-scroller, but I think it’s an amazing idea! Above is a little promo video they put together featuring various fans that play the game on a laptop that they set up at their merch table. The entire band is a bunch of gamer nerds, and they wanted their own video game. The demo that’s out is a single level, and features the second track, “Upload Complete,” from their newest album, “Level 2,” as the soundtrack. The drummer of the band, Evan Sammons, is one of the programmers on the project and he really has a huge passion for video games and metal!

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