Review: Kittens In A Blender


The goal of this game is to make sure as many of your kittens as possible end up in the “Box” while getting as many of your opponents kittens as possible end up in the “Blender” before someone plays the “BLEND!” card. You can play kittens directly to either the “Box” or the “Blender,” or you can play kittens to the “Counter” between the boxes. The only way to move any Kittens once their played is by using cards like “Kitties On the Move” which allows you to move 1, 2 or 3 Kittens, one spot. One move would be from the Blender to the Counter, from the Box to the Counter or from the Counter to either the Box or the Blender.

There are also card that allow you to move all of one opponents Kittens to the Blender, all of your Kittens to the Box or all of the Kittens to the Counter. Be quick though, if someone plays “Dogs in the Kitchen,” everyone passes their hand to the person on their right or left, depending on the card’s directions.

When the “BLEND!” card gets played, all Kittens in the Box get moved under the Box to be scored at the end of the game, all Kittens in the Blender get moved under the Blender to be scored after the game and any Kittens on the Counter get tossed into the Blender.

The game is a BLASTY and creates some of the coolest chances to see tiny little chicks screaming, “I’m blending all your kittens! MUAHAHAHAHA!” and big, burly dudes whimpering, “I don’t wanna Blend Mr. Snuggles!” All the kittens have the cutest little kitten names and it makes the game even more disturbingly fun! Keep up the good work Closet Nerd Games! I can’t wait for the expansion, “Fishies in the Kettle!*

This video is a brilliant marketing campaign! HAHAHAHAHA! Maybe the only better marketing idea would be to get PETA or the ASPCA to protest the Closet Nerd Games offices!

*NOTE* “Fishies in the Kettle” is a fictitious expansion that I just invented for funniness. However, if game designers Brent and Brian Knudson happen to see this, I would be happy to give full control of “Fishies in the Kettle” over to them in trade for them sending me free games (maybe “POO” or “Nuts!”) in the future to also review for this site. 😉

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