Summer is Baseball Time/Happy Early Father’s Day!


I understand that this blog is mostly geared toward facets of geekery and nerdity, I know, because it’s my blog and that was the goal. I also understand that very few nerds couldn’t give a damn about sports, and I, for the most part, am part of that group. The one way in which I differ is a local Single A baseball team, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes!

The reason for this is the fact that I was raised, by my grandpa, as a sports fan, and understand the fandom. As a nerd, I probably understand fandom even more than the average sports fan. So I have managed to apply that nerdy passion to a sports team. Which, as you may know, could get ugly for my teams opponents. I won’t just loudly mock you at a game, but I will also troll your website and send you nasty Tweets as you are still rounding the bases. #Nerdrage

I love spending time with my grandfather in a relaxing environment where I’m not explaining to him  how his home entertainment system functions or what a “Tweeter” is. (He also refers to texting as “Faxting”) It’s also not that relaxing to stand around uselessly while he fixes my brakes or some other vehicle based thing that I am no good at. He enjoys fishing greatly, where as I like to go play golf.* Baseball is a proper middle ground for us.

Alloy Matt and Alloy Papa

My Grandpa (left) and I in our ‘Canoes gear at a game

 My grandfather, Edward Jacobs, is the man I idolize the most in this world. Some may think it’s Chris Hardwick or Stephen King, but the combination of the two of them don’t hold a candle to (my grandfather will hereto be referred to as) my Papa. My goal in life is to be only half as great as he is. Should I die accomplishing that, and that alone, I would die a happy man. When I look back on life, every major lesson that I was taught, was his teaching. I am a better person, in every conceivable way, because of him. This is a busy time for me as I try to successfully launch my business while keeping up on my regular blogging/podcasting duties and everything else life throws at me. He understands that I don’t get to see him nearly as often as I would like to.

My grandfather and I

The Tattoo on my Right Arm. Taken from a picture of my Papa and I when I was very young.

That makes baseball season one of my favorite times of year, because I get to spend more time with him. We get to sit right behind home plate and heckle the umpire and opposing team batters. We get to sit down and drink beer and eat hot dogs. We get to bond. I’m sure my love for baseball is derived from my love for my Papa and getting to spend time with him.

I bring this up because, today, my Papa and I went up to Salem and picked up our tickets to Volcanoes opening night, June 15th. Father’s Day is actually June 17th, but close enough. We are hoping to get to attend a game that night as well, but neither of us are sure we can make it due to budgetary constraints. #FingersCrossed On the way back from getting our tickets, “Centerfield” by John Fogerty (the song at the top of this post) came on the radio! Now I know it’s summer!

I am an Oregonian, so I am used to rain and wind at this time of year. That being the case, I don’t judge the beginning of summer based on weather… The beginning of summer is the day I take my grandfather to go get tickets to a ball game!

Got tickets for Volcanoes Opening Night!


*NOTE* Here is my definition of playing golf:

A game in which two – four friends gather as much beer into 4 coolers as humanly possible, then drink as much of that beer as possible while driving miniature motorized vehicles across the most expensive lawn in town (golf course) at a high rate of speed. This may include driving through various ground based and/or low hanging flora. Now and again, a stick is swung at a ball.


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