Trying to Convince My Wife….

The lovely wifey, @titsmcgeek82 (a.k.a. Carol)

Just for the record, @titsmcgeek82 is my wife’s Twitter handle. If you read the above embedded Tweet o’ mine, the background to this blog post is told there. I do have a bit more back story, however.

Not a lot of back story left to tell. In fact, you may find that this back story rings a little bell. You see, I am of the belief that it is as much my responsibility to see that my wife is a generally happy person, as much as it hers. That being the case, she sometimes hates her job to the point of wanting to quit. So I have taken it upon myself to try to convince her to do something, just as a hobby, that could end up turning into a new thing that she loves and could turn out to be something lucrative in the future.

Wifey doesn’t like to admit her nerdiness, even though she probably has more hours logged in Skyrim than Felicia Day. Carol is the literally the smartest person I know. She has an amazing mind and great perspective. That shouldn’t be news… it’s pretty much a prerequisite for nerds, of which I just said that she is. All of these things add up to this. I think she should do book reviews and game reviews and other such nerdly things on a blog. People love reading about little geeky treasures! I know, this is my blog, after all. I think people like reading about those same things from girls even more. It may be sexist, but I also think its one of those stereotypes that are based in the truth.

She loves reading erotic fiction (fancy schmancy talk for romance novels) and is the biggest Sherlock Holmes (books; the TV show) fan I have ever met. She loves Doctor Who, Torchwood, Eureka, Warehouse 13 and all those nerdy TV shows. She used to be a huge King fan, as well, before Dark Tower 7. All King nerds will understand that reference, even if they don’t agree with it. She plays Magic: the Gathering and Dominion with me and watches Wil Wheaton’s “Table Top” show. I think I may have her start blogging here, as a bit of a warm-up, assuming I can convince her to.

What do you think? Would anyone be interested in seeing what Carol has to say about games and “steamy vagina” (copy written) novels? Perhaps the proper amount of times one should cry during David Tennant’s “Farewell Tour” in “Doctor Who: The End of Time, Pt. 2”? How about the common masturbatory rituals of the twenty-something, female homosapien whilst viewing Nathan Fillion with his shirt off and holding a gun? Who knows… her and a couple other nerdy girls could start their own nerd girl blog. Please contribute your opinions and quemments!


A Hubby Just Trying to Show Some Support. 🙂


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  1. For the record I would totally follow your wife’s blog. I wish there were more nerdtastic women out there and with that said I proudly raise my glass to a fellow woman of the geek globe! I really hope this is something she pursues because personally I think it sounds fantastic and am most definately interested in reading anything that has to do with nerdgasms, doctor who, wil wheaton, Sherlock Holmes, etc. I will eagerly be waiting for a follow up on this!

  2. Matt, I think it’s a damn good idea, and I think Carol would do an awesome job at doing book/game reviews. Good look trying to convince here. She can be pretty stubborn. Don’t know where she got that. LOL

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