Mortal Kombat: Tablets vs. Laptops FIGHT!

Photo Credit: PC World – 10/26/11

I recently picked up an iPad. The reason behind this is because my laptop (which has a loose battery) will up and shut off from time-to-time. This is very embarrassing when it happens in front of a client, during a consult. That has ACTUALLY happened to me. Feel free to ask Ashley over at Loafer’s Station is you need confirmation. I thought to buy a new laptop, but realized that there are a ton of useful accessories out there for things like iPads, so I went with the iPad. Being that this is fairly new purchase for me, I haven’t had the chance to play with the full functionality of the iPad as being a solid replacement for my laptop (I am getting ready to purchase some hardware that will allow me to hook my mixer and mics up to the iPad so I can podcast from it) but from what I know about the hardware that exists out there, I don’t see why I couldn’t make a full and complete transfer.

After I started using my iPad for updating Twitter and such, I got a question from someone via Twitter that spurred this blog post. To preface this embedded Tweet, Stephen (the person that raised this question; as you will see below) and I were discussing how much I liked my new iPad. That led to a Twitter conversation about a meeting that I had attended the night before. I know Stephen and I know that he is a big fan of Android devices. So that is what led to this exchange:

That made me start thinking about the topic, so I promised him that I would do a blog post on the subject, and took to Google later on to get some figures. This is that blog post…


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