Doin’ Big Thangs…

I know… I’m sorry for that post title. #CouldIBeMoreWhite? Things have been going well with me. People that have known me for a while and have followed most of everything that I do know that I have paid my dues. I am stoked to say that after years of working in my field(s) for no pay, things are starting to come to fruition.

My business, Alloy Productions, is starting to pick up a little bit. It’s not supporting me 100% yet, but I have a couple of clients and a small revenue stream. I’m hoping things pick up a little more so I can be completely self sufficient without having to panic trying to find a job or anything like that. That is a big step in the right direction for me! Those that have been with me since the beginning of this venture know the battles I’ve fought (and not always won) and the struggles I’ve faced. Finally things are looking up. #LoveYouAll #ThanksForYourSupport!

Also… I am now writing and podcasting for a gaming site based near me in Keizer, Oregon called CoinOpKids! It is a division of Electronics Renew, which is a review site for video games, gadgets and other tech stuff. I met with the other staffers at the website offices (They have their own offices? #FANCY) last night and we had a great time chatting about various shit and gaming our faces off! (Which you would have known already if you were following me on Twitter! #ForShame) Zac, the website’s owner, was super cool and I am stoked to be working with such a great bunch of guys! I will be reviewing console video games, but it seems that I am also going to be the resident expert in table top gaming as well! #SoStoked! #LookOutWilWheaton! In a website dedicated to tech I will be it’s low-tech master!

This is also a big accomplishment for me. I have been working hard as a blogger and podcaster for a few years now and I have been a gamer (in my, admittedly, little amount of spare time) for a good majority of my life. Table Top games can get spendy, so I’m hoping to parlay this venture into some free copies of games. #LookingAtYouDaysOfWonder Feel free to head over to the coinopkids site and subscribe to their stuff, if you like, but I will also be posting links to the articles I post on that site here and on my Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter, (links on my “About” page) just as I do with my articles for the Stephen King site that I run and my business site. I’ll post a graphic, of some sort or another, and a short blurb with a link to the full article. #Consistency

All that comes together to say that I have worked VERY HARD in several fields that I love for a while now with no real benefit to myself other than the pleasure of doing it and some blog and Twitter “Followers.” Now, I think I may be starting to make a few ripples that will (please-please-please-please) continue to expand. Thank you for taking the time to read my ego stroking, own horn tooting post about how awesome I feel. As, what I consider to be, an internet worker since 2009, I don’t regularly hear good things about what I do. #FuckThem #IllTellMyself


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