Post “Just A Game Con” Wrap-Up








Gamecon in Corvallis, OR began yesterday and is going until 6pm tonight. I played some Magic: The Gathering, sure. I really went so I could play some games that I hadn’t played before or to play some familiar games in a different way.

I was in a 5 person game of Dominion that encompassed the core set and  3 expansion sets (Intrigue, Seaside and Cornucopia) as well! That was massive! I also got to play two games I’ve never played before, Smallworld and Settlers of Catan. They were both a blast and Catan was the only game I got pwned on.
I also met a few gamers that are into the idea of starting a regular weekly/bi-weekly gaming group! All in all, Gamecon was an amazing time. I went with the goal of playing some games I’ve never played, and hopefully meeting some other cool gamers that wanted to start a regular group. #SUCCESS


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