April 18, 2012: Comic Book Day

I went out to Matt’s Cavalcade of Comics, Cards and Collectibles (shortened MCCC) in Corvallis, OR yesterday for a couple of reasons:

  1. Get new comics
  2. Preparing for “Just A Game Con 2012

Dominion: Seaside

I’m going to talk about my game purchase first, because that is a pretty short and sweet tale. Last week, while I was at MCCC, I was looking for “Smallworld,” but they didn’t seem to have a set. I did see “Dominion” there, however, and as a “Magic: The Gathering” player, had heard of “Dominion” before. So I picked up the “Dominion” core set. The wife and I played around with it a bit and really liked it, so I picked up the “Dominion: Seaside” expansion while I was at MCCC yesterday. We haven’t had a chance to play through any of it yet, and probably won’t before “Just A Game Con” this weekend. I did take a few minutes to flip through the cards and see what they do, and I hope wifey likes it as much as I think I’m going to.

“Jericho – Season 3: Civil War “ *WARNING: This will contain season 1 & 2 spoilers.* This was a TV show for a short time, the premise being that a major American corporation planned, funded and executed 23 separate nuclear bombings on American soil. The purpose was to re-brand America as an extension of said corporation. With that kind of regulatory power, the corporation was set to make a shitload of money. The only people that know of this plan is a single operative that was supposed to be one of the bombers, but is actually an undercover federal agent trying to infiltrate the terrorist cells. Just before the bombs go off, this agent, Robert Hawkins, grabs his family and flees to the tiny town of Jericho, Kansas. After the bombings, this town manages to recover pretty well, mostly due to the heroics (stupidity, in some cases) of Jake Greene, a local town guy with a sketchy past, that is back in town to visit friends and family. Hawkins and Greene team up to expose this corporation for what they really are to the people of the Allied States of America, a chunk of our country that has broken off from the rest under a tyrannical regime that was installed by the corporation in question. The TV show was cancelled after 1 and 1/2 seasons, leaving a lot of storyline unfinished. This graphic novel is meant to finish that out. I was a big fan of “Jericho” as a TV show, and I am stoked to see this as a way to continue that story. “Jericho” is available on Netflix streaming, if you’re interested in checking it out, now that I’ve spoiled it for you.

“Morning Glories” I picked up the first trade of this book last week, and loved it! Imagine this, instead of Professor X running the Academy in X-Men, what if Magneto ran it? Rather than mutant powers, the kids at this academy are just super-brilliant. This academy is meant for the smartest of the smart. The academy touts itself as being the best preparatory academy in the world, and has had some amazingly successful people come out of it in the past. In actuality, this school, essentially, tortures its students into performing their absolute best. I can’t describe much better than that, as I have only read the first trade. I did, however, pick up the second trade yesterday and I can’t wait to read it! That will bring me up to speed before the third trade is released.

Y: The Last Man – Safeword “Y” has been a really interesting book for me so far. I am a big fan of those old, Utopian novels (i.e. Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, etc…) and feel like Y is the modern day equivalent. The premise is that there is a deadly disease that attacks every mammal with a Y chromosome, killing off every male mammal on the face of the Earth. Catch is, one male human and his male pet rhesus monkey survive the virus, making them only two living male mammals on the planet. This storyline has made for some amazing happenings in the story, so far, and I am always on a knife’s edge of anticipation to read the next trade. I got on board with Y way late in the series, as there was a lull in my comic book reading due to budgetary constraints in my life.

That was the take from MCCC yesterday. I also placed an order at MyComicShop.com yesterday and FUBAR is on it’s way to me! FUBAR is an old-fashioned World War II Zombie anthology featuring 13 stories from a veritable army of small press creators. This Zombie-Nazi smashing book spans the entire European theater from Sussex to Stalingrad as the Allies come face-to-face with the walking dead. FUBAR has had two anthologies released, and they are doing a special promotion of some sort for Free Comic Book Day, which is May 5th this year. I am really stoked to get FUBAR, as I think it will have some really original ideas when it comes to Zombie based comics and will probably introduce me to some new names that I can look out for in the future!

I have links to purchase all these books below from the site that I like to the most, so check them out if you’re a comic nerd like me!

 Jericho: Season 3 – Civil War | Morning Glories | Y: The Last Man | FUBAR


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